Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Poor Tilly

An amazing video surfaced from last weekend. Now i'm not sure if this is amazingly sad or amazing because it is outright defiant. This roughly 7 minute long video shows Tilikum basically refusing to perform the "One Ocean" show at SeaWorld Orlando. (I will attach the video below).

This poor Being is exhausted, bored of performing, hungry, and basically just wants to be left alone. This is so evident by the way he just continually swims around the tank in circles.

He manages a half hearted breach and splashes the audience a few times before completely losing interest.

The music continues, no one from SeaWorld says a thing, and it's comparable to the most awkward silence imaginable. People eventually have enough and the crowd starts filing out of the packed stadium.

It doesn't appear that anyone even cares about the distress this beautiful orca is experiencing. They're just miffed that he isn't performing for them. He's not entertaining them. I wish the people of SeaWorld would see that poor Tilikum is ready for retirement. This is no life for him and he needs to be moved to a sea pen so, hopefully, one day he may be released back into his natural habitat.