Friday, 11 March 2011

Devastation in Japan

Hard to comprehend the news this morning. A major earthquake in Japan and a huge tsunami hot on its heels. So much washed away, so many lives destroyed and lost.

My heart goes out to them all, and it goes out to all the people in Hawaii who have been affected by the destruction. The coast of Canada isn't out of the woods just yet. A Tsunami watch is still in effect with people on the west coast bracing for the walls of water that may soon arrive.

One thing is for certain, clean up and recovery efforts will be long lived after all this devestation. In the newsroom we are starting to hear about just how bad things really are. Reports of between 2 and 300 bodies being found in a coastal community. I can only imagine that this horror will only be repeated when emergency crews make it to other similar communities. Fires continue to burn out of control in a lot of areas as well. And acres and acres of farmland completely wiped out.

Tokyo is experiencing complete gridlock. Trains are not moving, traffic is completely stopped. People desperate to make it home to check on loved ones and they are stuck in their cars.

I suppose all we can do is hope for the best and pray the waves have caused all the destruction they are going to.

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